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Chrome steel ballKML
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KML3D drawing is for reference only, please take the technical documents as the criterion.
KMLDimension and Parameters
Inquiry Boundary dimensions Mass(Kg) Bearing Number
DW (100 Pcs Approx.) KML
0.4mm 0.00003 BALL 0.4mm
0.5mm 0.00005 BALL 0.5mm
1mm 0.0004 BALL 1mm
1.5mm 0.0014 BALL 1.5mm
2mm 0.0033 BALL 2mm
2.5mm 0.0064 BALL 2.5mm
3mm 0.0111 BALL 3mm
3.5mm 0.0177 BALL 3.5mm
4mm 0.0263 BALL 4mm
4.5mm 0.0374 BALL 4.5mm
5mm 0.0514 BALL 5mm
5.5mm 0.0679 BALL 5.5mm
6mm 0.0882 BALL 6mm
6.5mm 0.113 BALL 6.5mm
7mm 0.141 BALL 7mm
7.5mm 0.174 BALL 7.5mm
8mm 0.21 BALL 8mm
8.5mm 0.252 BALL 8.5mm
9mm 0.3 BALL 9mm
10mm 0.411 BALL 10mm
10.5mm 0.476 BALL 10.5mm
11mm 0.547 BALL 11mm
11.5mm 0.625 BALL 11.5mm
12mm 0.71 BALL 12mm
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